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Marijuana has been grown and used in a variety of ways for hundreds of years. In this cultural revolution, Canadians can now discover how sweet life can be with a little cannabis. Sweet Tree Cannabis Co.’s premium products are sourced from the highest-quality growers and we trust in the experience each one can deliver. Not sure where to start? Our knowledgeable cannasseurs can help you find which blend is right for you in one of our Calgary dispensaries.

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A New Era, A Sweeter Life





Our connection to what cannabis can offer is personal. We have a strong desire to curate a trusted, safe and reliable umbrella of products that help our customers rediscover their vibrancy. The elation and joy we are creating is derived from living a fuller life and experiencing more. We have spent the last two years forming strategic relationships with vendors, suppliers, landlords and influencers to bring together our vision of offering the highest quality products in a controlled and safe environment, all at the best financial terms. And just in time… the market is primed, and we are ready! We are passionate about our brand, our product and our model. It is our mission to guide, educate and support Canadians  in living their sweetest life.


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