Congratulations Canada!

admin October 17, 2018


Today is the first day of the one of the biggest social and cultural shifts of our lifetimes.  It marks the end of needless suffering, prosecution, violence and stigma and marks the beginning of freedom of choice, sensibility, and growth.

We as a company have had many obstacles to overcome. Thanks to our fantastic team, who have been working around the clock to make sure we are ready to open. Amongst all the chaos, we are constantly reminding each other to enjoy the ride and to make time for self-care. Giving ourselves space to find comfort, be still, and breathe often gets shoved aside to make way for productivity and success. We all strive towards balance – it’s the journey, not the destination.

Cannabis is very close to our hearts and we don’t take the responsibility we are given to help end the stigma lightly.  Personally, we never thought cannabis would be legalized in our lifetimes.  October 17th is the day Canada sets the tone for a worldwide re-evaluation of cannabis policy.  Although it will be hard to measure, we truly believe the legalization of cannabis internationally will extend not only the quality of life, but the life expectancy of people around the world.  Less dependency on pharmaceuticals, less alcohol abuse, and even more personal connections.  There are so many things that cannabis is simply ‘good for’.

That being said, the proper dosage, selection, and usage all play a role in people’s personal experiences with this plant.  Whether you’re a regular user, a first timer, or a ‘tried-once-in-the 70’s’ type, our team of ‘cannaseurs’ are dedicated to giving you exactly the cannabis experience you need.

There is ongoing discussion about safe Cannabis usage and what that means. At Sweet Tree we understand the role we play in being one of the first companies in Alberta to be approved for operations. It is a responsibility that we do not take lightly. Your safety and enjoyment is at the forefront of our minds. Some things we want you to remember as you begin to sample the market;

1. Knowledge is your best friend – and we’ve got lots!
2. Buddy up – if it’s your first time dabbling, find a friend and unwind.
3. Take note – keep track of the strains you try and how the make you feel. We can help you find a perfect match for whatever you’re looking for.
4. Go LOW and SLOW.  consume a small amount.  Wait.  Evaluate.

We are working very hard to get our stores open as soon as possible.  You can expect a grand opening within the next 2 weeks and we couldn’t be more excited to meet you!

Congratulations to us, Canada.  This is truly the beginning of something great, we can’t wait to share our love for cannabis with all of you.

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