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Our stores are stocked, and our doors are open! Sweet Tree products are sourced from ten of the highest quality Canadian producers and include a full inventory of Sativa, Indica, hybrids and CBD products. Our cannasseurs are highly trained in each strain and blend so that when you visit one of our stores, you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Please note, because of the high demand since legalization, we cannot guarantee stock levels of any of our brands.

a new era, a sweeter life

The highest quality recreational cannabis products curated for your sweetest life


Our earth line of marijuana products will have you feeling grounded. Rooted in the peace we find in nature, these cannabis products will have you in motion in no time.


When the moon rises, reach for one of these blends to find stillness in the night. A gentle nod to the day and a welcoming to the night.


Creativity and conversation flow when the stars align. A gathering with friends or a solo creative session are complete with products from our Stars line.


Bright and cheery, these daytime blends are the perfect pairing for long days, early mornings or days that demand a little more.


Loving your Sweet Tree life? Our Calgary stores carry everything you need to safely and sweetly consume your cannabis. Everything from pipes and bongs to rolling papers and lighters can be found in each of our Sweet Tree Cannabis Co. shops. 

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